We got our hands on some NinjaFlex and really wanted to test it out.  Then we got this great idea that it should be something functional.  

Something that always bothered me about Sony Camcorders is that they have these huge mic holders that never fit the shotgun mics that I used with them.  They would wobble around in side that mount and I would have to shim it with some kind of soft material (as not to cause friction noise on the barrel of the microphone).  This was a fix but it was annoying when you took the mic off and on because then the cloth shim would unwrap and you need to find a place to not lose it when you packed up your camera.  

Then we came up with this little shim solution.  Little air pockets or the wave pattern in the shim compresses to the appropriate sizing for this particular microphone.  The Flexible material really helps cushion the micophone from any bumps/shock.  Also the rubbery texture holds both the Microphone in place as well as prevent sliding inside the mic holder.  What a perfect use of the material!


A good test and a very functional byproduct.  

Printed on the UMO+ with these specs:
-210 degrees Celsius
-40 degrees Celsius bed temp
-.15 layer height
-retraction disabled
-20mm/s print speed