We spent of over 24 hours researching and testing to determine that the MYNT3D - Professional 3D Printing Pen is the best 3D pen. You can see more details in our review here: https://www.yourbestdigs.com/reviews/the-best-3d-pen/ Our picks for the best 3D pen: 1. MYNT3D - Professional 3D Printing Pen: http://geni.us/MYNT3DPen 2. 3Doodler - Create 3D Pen: http://geni.us/3Doodler When purchasing a 3D pen, you should consider whether it has adjustable temperature settings, how comfortable it is to use, whether it comes preloaded with filament, how safe it is to use, and if it has adjustable speed settings We tested each 3D pen by tracing shapes, stencils, and free drawing with the pens. As we did so, we documented our user experience with speed, ease of use, filament blockage, and safety. After testing, we found that the MYNT3D - Professional 3D was the best 3D pen. Find the full review here: https://www.yourbestdigs.com/reviews/the-best-3d-pen/