SpongeBob Rubik's Cube – Polaroid Play 3D Pen Drawing

As promised, here’s the second part:
Spongebob is still missing his face and his square pants. Watch me finish my SpongeBob Rubik’s Cube 3D pen drawing in the second part.

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Explanation of the steps:
1. I’m using a slightly smaller Rubik’s Cube than the original.
2. Preparing the cube, removing the stickers and drilling small holes on each cubie.
3. Covering the pieces in yellow PLA. My filament didn’t stick to the cube so I’m using holes to attach them.
4. Marking outline of the pants.
5. Drawing the holes and filling to even layers.
6. The center caps kept falling down so I had to attach them with holes.
7. Adding a slight trapezoid shape to the cube.
8. I don’t have too much brown filament so I’m using grey for the underwear.