Making a MASSIVE 3D air balloon with the 3D PEN and hot glue gun /DIY/3D PEN CREATION – 3d pen art

Hi guys i’m back. Sorry i’ve been away for so long i’ve been redecorating my bedroom for a really long time and my tripod broke two times. The first time i lost the top bit so I couldn’t attach my camera to it. Then i went out and bought a new one and the leg snapped. But dont worry i managed to find the bit that is missing on amazon and i can now film videos. but while ive been away we have hit 1,700 subscribers and are so close to 1,800 so thank you so much for the support.

AD. Thank you to for providing filaments.

Here’s there website
They also sell filaments on amazon with amazon prime shipping. Make sure to go check them out.

Here’s my social media links so if you want to you can dm me and watch out for updates.

Snapchat: thefuturepen



Please comment any ideas you want for next time. I can’t promise a video a week but i’ll do my best. Im also planning to do a giveaway very soon.

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