Awesome 3D Printed Flexible Shoes

Today I 3D printed shoes using flexible material. 3D printing offers not only hard plastics but surprisingly flexible filaments. The shoes were made by using TPU, FilaFlex and NinjaFlex. I printed the white TPU, which is quite a bit less flexible than the other two filaments, on the TEVO Black Widow. However, the Orca Cygnus printer managed the NinjaFlex like a champ, something most printers cannot do.

Best starter 3D printer:

TPU flexible filament:
Highly flexible Ninjaflex:

The super slow motion was recorded on the OnePlus 6 phone at 480fps/720p and 240fps/1080p.

Y&V – Lune
DJ Quads – Intersection
ThizFae – Oasis of Delight
Bensound-Funny song