Making a MASSIVE 3D air balloon with the 3D PEN and hot glue gun /DIY/3D PEN CREATION – 3d pen art

Hi guys i’m back. Sorry i’ve been away for so long i’ve been redecorating my bedroom for a really long time and my tripod broke two times. The first time i lost the top bit so I couldn’t attach my camera to it. Then i went out and bought a new one and the leg snapped. But dont worry i …


3D pen art – How to make a 3D spongebob DIY/tutorial-The Future Pen

Hi guys sorry I haven’t uploaded for a very very long time. I have been focusing on my GCSEs so I haven’t had time to do youtube videos. but with a week off school i’ll be able to revise and do videos. But in 3 weeks time I can do as many videos as I like because it’s SUMMER holidays. …

3D Pen Art-how to make a Doctor Who 3d K-9/3d pen/ tutorial-scribbler v1 v2

Wow Thank you all for subscribing. I have reached a big 600 subscribers, which is incredible. Make sure to comment what to make next so you can be in next weeks video. Last week’s video: Please follow my Instagram, twitter and vine and younow. Twitter: Vine: Instagram:… Younow: source

3d pen art – How to make a 3d peacock/3d pen creation/DIY-The Future Pen

I still can’t believe we have passed 1300 lovely subscribers. Thank you all for your nice comments and support it really makes me happy to do more complicated creations. Make sure to comment as I love relying and reading them. I will do my best to reply to all of them. My social media: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: thefuturepen …

Eiffel Tower Scribbler 3D Pen

FIRST VIDEO I will be making more videos soon but my pen has jammed so need to fix it. thanks for watching this video please share with people that might like this video or a 3D pen. Also this video kept skipping so couldnt record it all. Facebook page: WEBSITE: source

3d Pen Art: How to make a 3D dragon DIY/Tutorial-The future pen 3D

Wow Thank you all for subscribing. I said to myself that this year my aim was 400 subscribers but you guys have smashed that with 661. Thank you all so much. There may not be a video a week as i have GCSEs this month so it may be even 2 weeks or once a months. But in summer I …