Highlights from Mini Makerfaire Toronto.

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We were super excited to be able to attend the Mini Makerfaire in Toronto this November.  Of course, it being a Mini Makerfaire (with free admission), it could not be compared to the World Makerfaire in NYC in September.  However, it has it’s own charms with it’s own character.  In our home city of Toronto, the very large Toronto Reference Library was the new venue for the event this year.  Since it was a smaller event than the world makerfaires, you get to see it all and not wonder what you’ve missed with all the cool things that grab your attention.

Here is a mini highlight of the event:

I hear that there are usually around 6000 visitors and as we walked in, I would have believed that 2/3rds of them were kids.  Which is simply fantastic to see because not only are they the new generation of Makers but also what a great place to foster creativity away from the usual fare of ipad and video games.  The interactive booths were of small scale but were completely surrounded by engaged and interested kids having a blast.  


Here are some other notoble things we saw:


An Ultimaker printing in Silicon. (soft squishy prints)


Laser Etched Settlers of Catan!



These would make any room in your house look awesome at night.


An Eggbot!


Old school gaming and we never knew there were so many hackerspaces in Toronto.

3D printed Steampunk Iron Man Prosthetic Hand WIP

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Some teaser images! Currently a work in progress. The look is complete, but now comes optimizing the functionality.


The Best tests are the useful ones! MicShim

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We got our hands on some NinjaFlex and really wanted to test it out.  Then we got this great idea that it should be something functional.  

Something that always bothered me about Sony Camcorders is that they have these huge mic holders that never fit the shotgun mics that I used with them.  They would wobble around in side that mount and I would have to shim it with some kind of soft material (as not to cause friction noise on the barrel of the microphone).  This was a fix but it was annoying when you took the mic off and on because then the cloth shim would unwrap and you need to find a place to not lose it when you packed up your camera.  

Then we came up with this little shim solution.  Little air pockets or the wave pattern in the shim compresses to the appropriate sizing for this particular microphone.  The Flexible material really helps cushion the micophone from any bumps/shock.  Also the rubbery texture holds both the Microphone in place as well as prevent sliding inside the mic holder.  What a perfect use of the material!


A good test and a very functional byproduct.  

Printed on the UMO+ with these specs:
-210 degrees Celsius
-40 degrees Celsius bed temp
-.15 layer height
-retraction disabled
-20mm/s print speed

Fallout 4 Mini Nuke WIP

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Jealous of those FO anthology mini nukes? Well we decided to make our own 3d printed Fallout 4 mini nuke! It’s currently work in progress, but still prints quite nicely on the Ultimaker 2. (and no it’s not printed like that in the picture, it’s currently 4 separate parts assembled.)

3D printed Fallout 4 Mini Nuke Cross Section

Source http://www.redicubricks.com/3d-printed-fallout-4-mini-nuke-cross-section/

We’ve been busy lately with www.shop3d.ca so it’s been a while since we made new things, but now that the shop is all setup, back to making fun projects! We bring you the Fallout Mini Nuke! with a twist!

Fallout 4 recently came out. And right before that, Bethesda released Fallout anthology which came in a mini nuke. I thought this was awesome, but could never bring myself to play older games so I decided to make my own instead. One that’s closer to the Fallout 4 nuke. And here it is!

But here are Redicubricks, we like to overcomplicate things, and those internal cutout diagrams always intrigued me, so I designed internals to go with it.

Cut roughly at 3/4 all the way through You can display it both ways if you like the whole bomb look, or the cutout look.

002 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

Snap on fins with integrated printed on screws. The rings help stabilize and tighten the fins.

003 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

The tip is printed at a finer layer height (60 microns) on the Ultimaker 2GO so the steeper angle results in less visual stepping. The main body is printed at a lower resolution 120 microns for speed. I also wanted the lines to show through as part of the roughly manufactured look that is representative of the fallout universe.

004 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

The roughness of the ‘cut edge’ caused by printing lines is accentuated with metallic paint so it looks like it was cut through purposefully to show the insides. The polonium core (silver sphere) is printed with a gap between the outer and inner sphere so the thick gloss primer will not pool at the edges creating a joint between the outer and inner sphere.

005 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

Paint chipping created with a masking fluid which acts as both the chipping mechnism for the paint, and also causes slight bumps which looks like rusting under the paint.

006 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

The nuclear core sits on cylindrical spacers that center the unit in place. Because of how precise 3D printing is at this scale, it is easy to design precisely floating parts. The slight indentation of the shell wall is enough to hold the spacer in place. It also uses less material.

007 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

The paint on the exterior is acrylic for the matte/worn look. The metallic parts are Laquer paints for extra shiny finish.

008 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

Tape is used to mask off the yellow strip, and liquid mask is used to create the chipping effect. There are two layers of liquid mask, one between the rust and the green base, and one between the yellow strip and green base. This creates two levels of paint chipping which gives it more depth and realism.

009 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

This is what it looks like as a raw print (semi assembled). Printed on the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Go, the surface finish is excellent. No supports needed on any part.

030 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop RAW

The parts breakdown.

020 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop BREAKDOWN

Hope you enjoy! I have a full version with no cutout and a cut version that’s painted. Fun times.

010 3D Printed Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

Also, because we like Ultimaker’s so much, we’re now the official sales partner of Ultimaker in Canada! If you’re around the GTA, you can visit us and see all our stuff on display in our showroom including the mini nuke. Come visit! www.shop3d.ca

Files & Kits aren’t available yet. We’re still working out what we wanna do with them. But interesting things ahead!

As usual thanks to telkin for great photos and video! Watch this cool video of it in the meantime & let us know what you think about our project!

Redicubricks does a guest series with Tested.com

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Redicubricks Valcrow is doing a series of small 3D printing talks with Norm and Sean @ Tested.com.  Tons of great insight into our 3D printing design philosophy and methodology so check it out!

Valcrow talks about his Mechs with Norm @ Tested.com

Source http://www.redicubricks.com/valcrow-talks-about-his-mechs-with-norm-tested-com/

Watch another session with Jacky and Norm talking about Jacky’s earlier Mechwarrior builds at Tested.com.  If you have been following Redicubricks for a while, these were some of the much earlier models Jacky made on his Ultimaker Original.  Hit up the Mechwarrior tag to see the older Redicubrick posts.

Redicubricks model kits now available for Order!

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We create a lot of 3D printing specific content and models, we’ve had tons of great feedback and response to our designs and we always get someone asking if we sell the physical kits since they don’t own a printer. So, due to popular demand, select kits are available to order through shop3d.ca! *note all prices are in Canadian dollars (currently 0.72 vs. USD)

They are printed in high resolutions on our Ultimaker 2+’s using our in depth 3D printing experience. We print at higher resolutions at optimized settings to ensures the highest quality prints for minimal post work and proper fitting. (usually 60-90 microns depending on object)

Some finishing required, but the surface finish is printed fine enough for prime and paint. Usually we print in silver metalic PLA for the best detail and edging.

  002-Print to Order
Our custom painted and finished dog Barrels are back as well!

007-Print to Order

For those that don’t own a printer, but still want some of the designs we put out for free like our lightsaber, you can support us by buying from us directly! We’ll continue creating models free for everyone to download, and also some exclusive and partner projects as well. Check back often to see what we come up with next!

Check out Shop3d.ca, print to order section to see what’s available!  (again all prices in CAD, 0.72 USD)

Pixel Art to Model Kit! (WIP) Antraxx

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3D printing is all about bringing ideas into physical reality. We’ve partnered up with Antraxx to do just that!

I’ve always been fond of mechs, robots and video games as you might have guessed from my work on the MWO mechs. But when the folks at Antraxx got in touch with me, it’s the pixel art that really caught my attention. My work is so focused on 3D from start to finish that traditional drawings and old school pixel art really garner my appreciation since the discipline is so different.

Check out some of the bad ass pixel artwork.


You can read more on their devblog as well.

So I thought it would really work with Antraxx to bring these two worlds together, to go from concept to physical model kit! Using the pixel art as the basis for the design, I modeled the mech keeping the integrity of the original artwork as much as possible. This is challenging as the format is so different, however, since the mech was drawn in 45 degree angles, I could import them easily as references and base the proportions off that. Big Kudos to Leendert for having accurate spatial renderings of the mech. This must exist in his mind as a 3D object in Pixel form.

And here is the final model that the 3D print will be based on!

Next step: Deconstructing the Mech for optimal printing! Stay tuned, and keep an eye on http://antraxx.com/ as well for updates on the development of the game itself.

Tested.com Builds our Mini Nuke kit!

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Sean, Norm and Frank prints and builds our Mini Nuke kit! Check it out. (tested premium content) Check it out here: