Tired of writing with traditional pen and paper? Then you'll want to pay attention to Lix's device. Their 3D printing pen enables you to write and draw in the air by melting plastic. This means at the touch of a button you can create freestanding objects in a matter of seconds. The pen is 6.45in (16.3 cm) long, 0.55in (1.4 cm) in diameter and weighs 34.9 grams. It is made of aluminium and comes in black or grey. Inside the pen it heats plastic to 150°C (300°F), which is then pushed out through the nib as a hot liquid at the touch of a button. The plastic used is a plant-based filament, although it can also use stronger forms of plastic. When the liquid is exposed to air it solidifies into shapes. You can't move too quickly though, as the filament needs time to cool, but you can still make objects in a matter of seconds. Each rod of plastic that you feed in is about 4in (10 cm) long and lasts for about two minutes of drawing in the air. After this, the pen needs to be refilled. The pen has a whole range of uses, from writing text to fine art to T-shirt designs, and is apparently only limited by your ability to hold it steadily. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lix3d/lix-the-smallest-3d-printing-pen-in-the-world