3D Printing Pen 4.0 Version – Non-Toxic – Won’t clog – One B…

Price: $99.99
(as of May 13,2018 06:20:07 UTC – Details)

TRLIFE 3D Printing Pen provides kids, hobbyists, crafters, and artists with an amazing experience. It helps you create unique and fantastic 3D art straight out of your own imaginations. You can draw horizontally, vertically, or in any style you like! The drawing possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

It is the safest and most durable 3D printer pen in the market today. And if you’ve done good research, you’ll certainly find that TRLIFE 3D pen has the best balance between affordability and advanced features you’ll ever find.

★Why customers love TRLIFE 3D Printer Pen

1. Non-toxic and very safe for kids
Although we always advise parents to supervise their kids when they’re using the 3D printing pens, you can be sure that the filament won’t burn or cause any fire and, therefore, very safe for kids.

2. Easy to use
The procedure is straightforward. All you need is to plug the pen into a USB port and allow the pen to heat until the status indicator turns from red to green. After that, attach the filament into the hole, and then click on the key control button and you’ll be ready to draw.

3. Suitable for both beginners and experts
The ergonomic and lightweight design with Patented Aerial Ceramic Nozzle allows the kids and adults to manipulate and move the pen at different angles for better results.

4. Package includes:
• 1 x 3D Printer Pen
• 1 x USB Adapter
• 3 x 1.75mm PLA Filament with Random Colors (3M per loop)
• 1 x Instruction Manual Guide
• 1 x Small shovel
• 4 x Drawing Templates
• 1 x Silicone Fingertip Protectors
• 1 x Transparent Plastic Template Sheet

Promise to offer 100% refund if a client is not satisfied with the performance.

★Add the TRLIFE 3D Printer Pen to cart now and try it.1) 3D PEN 4.0 VERSION: – TRLIFE 3D Printing Pen uses the newest version that brings you better 3D drawing experience, allowing you to make bigger improvements from the old type of 3D pens. The 3D printer pen replaces ink with plastic, which is heated at high temperatures but cools instantly, allowing you to create 3D objects instead of just ideas on paper. You can use the pen to draw in the air, in freehand, on the surface or trace objects on paper
2) UNJAMMING DESIGN: – The 3D Printer Pen has a Patented Aerial Ceramic Nozzle and Blockage Prevention Design that helps prevent jamming, blockage, and clumping. With TRLIFE 3D Printing Pen, there’s no chance to mess up your creation – no more clogs or drops
3) GLOBAL PIONEER DESIGN: – The 3D doodle pen has a unique ergonomic design, which helps you feel more comfortable, and it’s extremely easy to use. You just click once on one key control, and you’ll have the nozzle release the filament. Click on the same button to pause
4) GLASS CASE&LIGHTWEIGHT EDSIGN: – Invisibility can easily ruin your creation. But with the glass case design feature, the working process becomes excellently visible and even more fun. Ergonomic and lightweight design allows you to use it for hours of fun, without running the risk of ruining your creation
5) EXTREMELY DURABLE: – With the Smart Sensible Anti-scalding Cover, the 3D printing pen is superiorly protected to last for a long time