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welcome to 3D pen creations marvel venom 3d pen art the home of some of the most epic 3d pen work.

Marvel Venom, this id my favourite 3D Pen Creations project so far, I don’t think the pictures of video footage do this awesome piece justice, this was done using black PLA, white PLA and red PLA, using the MKOEM and Tecboss, Sunlu AERG, (all the same pen different names) I used the mini blow torch and soldering iron to get the finish. Links below.


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below is a link to all of the filaments and the 3D pen that you will need for the project.
Black PLA filament £8.99
White PLA Filament £15.13

RED / BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN 4 pack 250g roll filament £26.95
Mini Blow torch £14.99
3D MKOEM Pen £43.99
Soldering Iron £7.99
Digital camcorder £40.99

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