Hello everybody! I'm back, nice to see you again ☺️ Let's make Cuddle Team Leader or "Pink teddy bear" a legendary skin from fortnite battle royale game! It took me many weeks to finish this work but I think that has been well worth it. I had planned to make her in a dance position but I think holding the unicorn picaxe ''Rainbow smash'' is looking good too, also added the pool party back bling from season 5 . who would like to see the new Panda Team Leader skin ? I had some problems and I wasn't able to upload any video but now everything is okay and I'm going to be more active now, replying all your comments and questions😁 I really appreciate all your comments, shares and likes, THANK YOU SO MUCH What would you like to see next? You can request your ideas for the next videos in the comment section below... Check out my facebook and instagram pages, I will be uploading some previews of upcmonig works ➩ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/4XUDRX ➩ INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Fv6StA You can collaborate and help me to improve and grow up the channel donating a tip here (Paypal): https://goo.gl/znRvbm The amount doesn't matter, all the donations are really appreciated and the donors will be mentioned in the next videos. The proceeds will go to improve the channel and get more supplies to make more and better videos. For business inquiries please contact me at: kasteltv@gmail.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks! Hola! esta vez haremos la skin legendaria Cuddle team leader o Oso amoroso de fortnite battle royale. Music by epidemicsound.com tracklist: Sparklex - Daxten Make it rain - Daxten Why Did You Have To Turn Into A Liar - Loving Caliber Red Lights - Lvly Anyone - Maiwan #Fortnite #3dpen #Art