3d Pen: GIANT Minion!! (Despicable Me Minions) Scribbler

I doodled a HUGE Kevin Minion Toy from the minion movie: Minions using my 3d printing pen!
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3d Pen = 3d ручка, 3d Stift, 3D筆, pluma 3d, القلم 3D, 3Dペン, 3d stylo

Plastic Filament Refills:
Wire LED Lights I used to Light up the Minion:

My secret message in Minionese, haha: (Key below)
Bello, Tank yu 4 Watching! Underwear Tulaliloo ti amo. Po ka Baboi should I review Para tu next? Muak Muak Muak, Kan pai

Kevin is my favorite of the despicable minions but Bob and Stewart are also awesome 🙂 I think this piece of art turned out very nice! It almost looks like it was made by a professional 3d printer! I’m excited for the minions 2015 full movie Dvd to be released! I keep watching the trailer and short films just to get more of these guys in action. Haha The Minions movie was produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures.

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Secret Message Key:
Bello! Hello!
Poopaye! Goodbye!
Tank yu! Thank you!
Me want banana! I’m hungry!
Bananonina! Ugly!
Underwear I swear
Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do! Fire!
Tulaliloo ti amo! We love you!
Tatata bala tu! I hate you!
Baboi Toy
Po ka What
Bable Apple
Gelato Ice cream
Butt Butt
Hana One
Dul Two
Sae Three
Para tu For you
Chasy Chair
Kan pai Cheers!
Pwede na Can we start?
Luk at tu! Look at you!
Muak Muak Muak Kiss kiss
Bi do I’m sorry
La Boda Marriage
Buttom Bottom
Stupa! Stupa! Stop! Stop!
Sa la ka! How dare you!