3D Pen Art Creation ✎ 3Dmate Logo ♥ with the 3Dmate pen + design mat!

I’m so happy that I finally got the 3Dmate pen and the design mat!
The customs office needed to check the package, thats why it tooks so long. ._.

♥ little stuff about the Product:
It’s simple to draw with the 3Dmate™ design mat.
I can easy remove the filament from it and I think It’s a really cool and helpful tool for the 3D Pen!
Also the 3Dmate™ pen is lightweight and fast at drawing.

I definitely will use it in my next videos! 😊

I hope you enjoy the video!

This video is sponsored by 3Dmate, but all the opinions are my own!


✍️ 3Dmate™ 😍

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“BASE” multi-purpose 3D design mat ♥

“TRIO” design mat and 3Dmate pen ♥

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♥ 3Dmate™ on Kickstarter ♥


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The equipment was realy expensive, 😳
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