Thomas and Friends – 3D Pen Creation

In this video I will show you how to make a 3D Pen Creation of Thomas from Thomas and Friends.

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Using My 3D pen That I Got For Christmas! 🎄🖊 – 3Doodler Create – It’sLaila ❤️

Hey guys!!! Today I’m using my 3d pen and please comment down below what I should make with it so that I can try and do a series! These videos are really easy to record so I might make more!! See ya later! Byeeeeee!!! 👋🏻


3D Pen – Hype Hunt: EP6

What are 3D pens and are they the way of the future? Jem and Roz find out!

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3D Pen Tutorial // Prickly Pear Cactus

A little how-to for you 3D pen enthusiasts! In this video I make another cactus. This one grows from a real rock, making it great for aquariums!
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3D Pen Art – How to make TINY EASY CARTOON Sulley and Mike Wazowski /DIY/3d pen creation

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CreoPop 3D Pen from Nasco
Cool-to-the-touch 3D pen uses LED light to instantly harden the ink, ensuring no hot parts, no accidental burns, and no smelly plastic. The nontoxic photopolymer inks incorporate properties not available through ABS or PLA. The inks are easily changed mid-creation, allowing for endless creation. Rechargeable lithium ion battery offers hours of cordless drawing. Includes 3D pen, charging cord, drawing mat, and three full-sized inks (orange, red, and cyan).


Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe House drawing with 3D PEN! My Little Pony Video

Adorable and comfy Pnkie Pie’s house that you can draw with 3d printing pen! I used my toy Sweet Shoppe like a base.

This 3d model is very beautiful! Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe House can be used as decoration for your room, jewelery box or just handmade toy!

Have a fun!
Watch Kiwi Show!

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3D pen art – How to make a 3D horse/DIY/Tutorial-The Future Pen

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Planning to do a younow on Monday

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3D Pen Creations | Making a samurai armor | Part one: Mask and helmet

Hello, This is my latest project, a full samurai armor! I have started Mewtwo and some more pokemons but I need some more colours to finish them.

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3D print pen change nozzle 3D drawing pen repair

myriwell 3D print pen change nozzle video