Making Venom Sculpture With 3D Pen – Marvel – 3D Pen Art

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This time we are making a big figure or sculpture of the famous anti hero and villiain of Spider Man, Venom, from Marvel Comics!

This is my version of him, based on the latest 2018 movie with Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, I can’t wait to go and watch the full movie, is looking really good!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making the figure-
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Patrick Star – Best friend of spongebob – 3D pen

Patrick Star – Best friend of spongebob – 3D pen

The 3D pens I use are:

Scribbler Nano
Myriwell Pro


PLA filament


Tile file
Precision Needle File
Torch lighter
Kitchen lighter
3D simo drawing pad


Samsung Galaxy S6

Edit software:

Wondershare Filmora


About that Oldie – Vibe Tracks
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Testing the Cheapest 3D Pens // Great Wide Shark

How does a dirt cheap $10 3D pen compare to the rest? It doesn’t… BUT the $15 pen is a different story! Watch me model the Great Wide Shark with an unbranded 3D pen and MatterHackers PRO PLA.

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Here are the cheapest “V2 3D pens” I could find :

-$12.44 :
-$12.72 :
-$12.99 : (sold out)
-$13.99 : (low stock)
-$18.99 :
-$19.80 :

Also Featured:
3DMate Base Drawing Mat :
Electric screwdriver :

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Shark Music by Chef Goyar-D :

This is not a paid sponsorship, but the products shown have been sent to me for free for promotion purposes. I always aim to be honest with my opinions!


Thiruttu Payale 2 Tamil Full Movie | Bobby Simha | Prasanna | Amala Paul

Selvam (Bobby Simha) is a young police officer who is often transferred from one place to another because of his honesty and sincerity towards his duty and a law enforcing. He rents a room in the same apartment complex as a college student, Agal Vilakku (Amala Paul). They both fall in love and get married after he gets transferred back to their hometown in Chennai.

Directed by Susi Ganeshan
Produced by Kalpathi S. Aghoram
Kalpathi S. Ganesh
Kalpathi S. Suresh
Written by Susi Ganeshan
Bobby Simha
Amala Paul
Music by Vidyasagar
Cinematography P. Chelladurai
Edited by Raja Mohammad
AGS Entertainment

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Insaaf Kaun Karega | Full Movie | Dharmendra, Rajnikanth, Jayapradha | HD 1080p

Insaaf Kaun Karega | Full Movie| Pen Movies
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Jageera Singh has always lived a life of crime, drinking alcohol and frequenting brothels, even though he is married to pregnant Laxmi, and has a son named Vikram. On the day of Laxmi’s delivery, Jageera is busy molesting young Paro. Laxmi gives birth to a daughter, Jyoti, who is subsequently abducted. Jageera disappears from Laxmi’s life, and she goes to live with a female friend who passes away, leaving Laxmi with the responsibility of also looking after her son, Virendra alias Veeru. Years later Jageera surfaces and joins forces with smuggler and prominent citizen, Bhanupratap. When Police Inspector Vikram’s diligence causes problems for Bhanupratap, Jageera offers to kill Vikram, especially when Bhanupratap’s niece, Priya, falls in love and wants to marry Vikram. It is at this point that the past will re-visit Jageera where he will come face to face with his past wrong actions and the devastation that he has inflicted on his family.


Welcome | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar

Welcome | Full Movie | Pen Movies
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After the passing away of his dark-skinned wife, from who they sired Uday, Dubai-based criminal don, Shankar Shetty re-married a fair-skinned woman, who gave birth to fair-skinned Sanjana. After the couple’s passing, Uday takes over in his dad’s footsteps, and takes it upon himself to try and get Sanjana married – in vain, as no one wants to be associated with a crime family. Then Uday’s associate, Sagar Pandey, aspiring live-action painter, who had loved Iravati, got beat-up by her brothers, and was re-named Majnu, assists in finding a young man, Rajiv, who lives with his maternal uncle, Dr. Ghunghroo and aunt, and through extortion compels Ghunghroo to accept this alliance. But Ghunghroo, at the very first opportunity, gets Rajiv to fall in love with another young woman in Sun City, South Africa. When the time comes to get Rajiv formally engaged to this woman, he finds out that Sanjana and she are the very same woman. With no escape from this predicament, the wedding is planned, invitations are sent out, and even Ranvir Dhanraj alias RDX, an Italian-based criminal don, also makes an appearance. On the day of the engagement, a woman claiming to be Rajiv’s child-hood betrothed shows up, makes a successful plea to Ranvir, and gets the engagement annulled. When Dr. Ghunghroo finds out that Rajiv and Sanjana have fallen in love with each other, he decides to accept Sanjana into the family on the condition that Uday gives up on crime. Rajiv and Sanjana attempt to get Uday to take up acting in a Bollywood movie – with considerable success – so much so that Uday has no time for crime. Things get complicated when Ranvir’s son, Lucky, gets wind of Rajiv’s scheme and arrives in India with one mission – get Uday back on track with crime – and if necessary do away with Rajiv – once and for all.


Monoprice MP i3 3D Printer – Unbox & Setup

MP i3 Printer:
Better option:

MP i3 uses an open material system, which means you are not limited in your choice of materials. Filament is supplied on open spools and not in proprietary cartridges or spools marked with NFC tags which generally cost 3 or 4 times that of standard materials.

All you have to do is perform a quick check to verify that the print bed is still leveled, in case it shifted during shipping, then load the included MicroSD card, load some filament, and start printing the preloaded model.

Nowhere else will you find a 3D printer ready to print out of the box at such a low price.

– Ready to Print out of the box
– E3D Style Hotend
– Easy to Maintain
– For PLA Filament only
– Compatible with CURA, host by Repitator, Simplify 3D
– 110-250V (Auto Switch) 50/60 Hz

Packaging Includes:
1x MP i3 3D Printer
1x Filament Holder
1x Sample Filament
1x USB Cable
1x 1GB microSD card with SD card adapter
1x Scraper
1x PTFE tube
3x Hex keys
2x Spare print bed mats
1x AC Power Cord (NEMA 5-15 to IEC 60320 C13)
1x Leveling card
1x User’s Manual

Full Specifications:
SKU: 130441
Leveling: Manual
Extruder Quantity: 1
Max Printing Speed: 70mm/s
Maximum Printable Area: 120 x 135 x 100 mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Material Support: PLA
Case Material: Steel
Insulated Cover: No
Software: CURA, host by Repitator, Simplify 3D
Accuracy: X-0.012 mm, Y-0.012 mm, Z-0.004 mm
Platform: Aluminum platform, non-heated
Platform Holder: Steel Frame
LCD Display: English/Chinese
Rail Locking System: Steel Bolt Locking Frame
Layer Thickness: 100 – 400 microns
Gross Weight: 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg)
Package Dimensions: 17.2″ x 14.7″ x 12.5″ (437 x 373 x 318 mm)
Power Supply (Included): 110-250V (Auto Switch) 50/60 Hz, 0.95/0.56A Standard IEC Cable

My website:


Phoonk 2 | Full Movie | Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa | HD 1080p

Phoonk 2 | Full Movie | Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa | HD 1080p|Pen Movies
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Movie Name – Phoonk 2
Movie Cast – Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Anu Ansari, Neeru Bajwa, Zakir Hussain, Rishabh Jain and others.
Synopsis – On bagging a new construction project, Rajiv moves with his family to a new place, one which is both close to the woods as well as the beach. Rajiv’s mother has gone to Rishikesh, so he stays there only with his wife, 2 kids and housemaid Laxmi. Rajiv’s kids, Raksha and Rohan begin exploring the new place and the surroundings – the lonely beach and then the woods behind the house. They are soon visited by Rajiv’s sister Arushi and her husband Ronnie, who have come to spend some time with the family.
The terror begins with Raksha and Rohan finding a doll in the woods and bringing it home. It happens to be a doll controlled by the ghost of Madhu, who has now returned from the dead to take revenge on Rajiv. It then progresses to a series of highly traumatizing experiences for the whole family. Madhu enters Arati and she begins to act weirdly. Rajiv soon realizes that Madhu has returned from the grave and wants revenge. He immediately informs his friend Vinay, who helped him previously in killing Madhu, and his friend sets out to find Anshuman, Madhu’s husband, hoping that the latter can be of some help. But unfortunately on his way he is attacked in his car by Madhu and he meets with an accident.
Manja, the exorcist who kills Madhu, meets a gruesome death at the hands of her ghost. Advised by Vinay, now Rajiv approaches another exorcist, but he is not of much help. He advises Rajiv to leave the city and go someplace where Madhu cannot reach him. Eventually this man is also killed by Madhu’s possessed doll, but not before he manages to burn it.
Now the grotesque killings begin. The watchman and Laxmi are murdered brutally, Arushi is drowned in the swimming pool of the house, and Arati, possessed by Madhu’s bala spirit, acts weird. Rajiv is left alone with his 2 children at home, and Arati begins to traumatize them from all directions. Rohan and Ronnie are trapped in their room, with no way to help. The ghost attacks Rajiv and Raksha, and stabs Rajiv. It then moves to kill Raksha, with a wounded and helpless Rajiv trying his best to protect her in the heavy rain. Finally they reach the terrace, where Rajiv attacks Arati and pushes her off the rooftop, and she falls to her death. The ghost now leaves Arati and the family for the time being.
The film ends with Rajiv carrying Arati into the house, with Raksha, Rohan and Ronnie looking on.


Pink Panther Saves the Day! | 30+ Minute Superhero Panther Compilation

Watch the Pink Panther save the day in this all-new compilation!

(1) Pink! Pow! Kaboom! – Pink Panther is pulled into his own comic book and must defeat the villain he drew to get out. (2) A Pinker Tomorrow – Pink Panther wakes up to a cold, grey world and must return color to earth again. (3) The Pink, the Bad, the Ugly – After Big Nose robs a bank, Pink Panther must get the money back and the two duel it out. (4) Astro Pink – Pink Panther has to save the universe from Big Nose who is on a mission to shrink and collect planets for his marble collection. (5) Pinxillated – Big Nose runs an arcade, but refuses to give any prizes out. Pink Panther must play and win tickets in order to finally receive the prize.

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Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Huion Kamvas Pro 22 pen monitor, a more affordable Wacom Cintiq alternative. This is the newer model of the GT-221- it’s the GT-221 Pro v2, and it’s their first pen display line with a battery-less pen, pen tilt and it has a brighter display with improved matte glass etching. The Kamvas Pro 22 has a 21.5” full HD 1920 x 1080 display with wide viewing angles and near full sRGB color coverage. It comes with a stand, all the cables you might need, 1 pen with 8,192 pressure levels, spare nibs and drawing gloves. The Huion is for 2D and 3D artists, and could be used for photo retouching too. It sells for $900.
Get it on Amazon: