3D-Pen Test Deutsch/German 3D-Stift

Support: Goldwaschen in Deutschland: Auf Youtube verdienen nach der neuen Regelung nor noch Kanäle mit mehr als 1000 Abonnenten Geld durch geschaltete Werbung. Wer mich trotzdem unterstützen möchte mit 1€ oder so, kann dies über PayPal tun. Meine Adresse: Alternativ über Bitcoin:16nQbdzsF1LBzrLKdbzw6NeyDajrXjemLJ Amazon Prime: Ich habe einen 3D-Pen getestet. Das Ergebnis seht ihr in diesem Video. …


Cra-Z Doodle 3D Pen – So Sweet 3D Shop – Does It Work?

In this video I try out a Cra-Z Doodle 3D pen! I attempt to make cute cupcakes with this So Sweet 3D shop. The kit retails for around $20 and is for ages 8 and up. Watch to find out if the pen works! Come see my gaming channel: Subscribe to Toy Reviews For You: Follow Me Instagram: …

Самодельная 3D Ручка. Часть 2. DIY 3D Pen. Part 2

Второй этап создания прототипа 3D ручки. Тут я буду рассказывать про создание протяжного механизма для пластика. Понижающий DC-DC преобразователь Набор разных шестерёнок Двигатель с редуктором Есть и готовые редукторы, но дорого Разъёмы source

3d Pen Creation: Light up Alien Spaceship! (Scribbler V3)

I used the Scribbler 3d printing pen (V3) in this video. Stay Tuned: Aug 15th I’ll be sharing my review of this pen! Buy the V3 pen! Use my $30 coupon code = “Rainbow” (This is the best price) Also available on Amazon but it’s more expensive: ( Buy a 12 pack of Plastic ( Click here to see …

Drawing a Reindeer – Tipeye 3D Pen Review

Creating some cool projects, using the 3D pen from Tipeye. With mixed results. 3D Pen: 🇩🇪: 🇬🇧: 🇪🇸: 🇫🇷: Filament: 🇩🇪: 🇬🇧: 🇪🇸: 🇫🇷: You can also find me on Instagram: …and on Twitter: source

3Doodler PRO featuring Dylan Blau | 3D Pen for Professionals

Dylan Blau, director and animator, shows the very foundation of the new 3Doodler PRO 3D Printing pen. By transitioning from a flat square to a cube, he illustrates that with the PRO pen, you literally ‘lift your imagination off the page’. And by implementing more and more complex shapes as the video goes on, the viewer realizes that the things …